WorkPlane Assistant


Store and retrieve the position/orientation of modo's Work Plane. You can store three separate positions and jump the Work Plane back to these positions at any time. The stored positions are presistent between sessions so you can close and re-open the same scene and they will continue to work, however, they are not stored for or within each individual scene at this time.

The latest update includes a new locking feature with auto-locking to prevent accidental overwrites of the stored Work Plane positions, as well as, the option to name each storage slot.

How to useā€¦

  1. Click on “WorkPlane Assistant” button to open the UI
  2. Align modo's Work Plane to some selected geometry
  3. Click on one of the three store buttons (Store A, Store B or Store C) to save the current position
  4. To align the Work Plane to a store position, simply click on the appropiate button: A, B or C

The video below currently shows the older version of the WorkPlane Assistant tool and does not demonstarte the newer locking functionality. See the UI and Options sections, below, for a breakdown of the latest options.

User Interface



Reset Work Plane
A shortcut to modo's built-in reset option
Show Work Plane, Show Axes and Align to Selection
Shortcuts to modo's built-in Work Plane commands.
Auto-Lock All Slots
Automatically lock each storage slot after it's set to prevent accidental overwrites. I recommend that you this keep this option turned-on.
Unlock All Slots
Unlock all storage slots This is useful if you wish to start over and set-up a new set of workplanes for the current scene.
A, B and C
Jump the Work Plane to the position/orientation saved within the selected slot.
01, 02 and 03
Text fields that you can use to name each storage slot.
Store A, Store B and Store C
Store the current Work Plane position/orientation into the selected slot.
Lock A, Lock B and Lock C
Lock or unlock the current Work Plane storage slot to prevent overwriting. If you attempt to store a new position into a locked slot you'll be given the choice to overwrite it.