Submit a Feature Request

Let's make it better

I welcome and am always open to discussing your feature requests. However, there are a number of steps that you must follow that will make it far easier for you and me to track and discuss your requests. So, please read the information below before submitting your requests. Thank you - neil.

Please note that I only accept feature requests from current mARCH users (i.e. you must own a mARCH license).

What to do?

  1. All feature requests must be submitted via our online help desk. Please do not send via email. The online system will allow you to easily track the progress of your requests.
  2. Clearly state what you would like to be able to do/achieve in modo. A useage (US: usage) scenario is very helpfully.
  3. Prefer to provide images rather than long text descriptions. Feel free to draw on and add text to images to describe what functionality you would like to see in mARCH.
  4. Please submit each request separately. Please do not submit requests for multiple features in the same document as things can get messy and ideas can get lost. Focus on a single feature for each submission.
  5. If you wish you can create (send me a link) to a video showing what you would like to be able to do in modo, but keep it brief and to the point. However, please do not submit links to videos made by others that show tools made by other developers - I rarely have time to trawl through videos to look at such things.