Slice Tools: Unconstrained Slice


Use a selection of edges in one mesh item layer to guide the slicng of geometry in another mesh item layer.

This slice tool, as its name suggests, does not check your edge selection for errors and supports the creation of non-vertical/horizontal cuts through the geometry. Due to this tool's liberal behaviour you should favour using the constrained slice tool to help reduce errors in your work, especally when undertaking arch-viz modelling.

How to useā€¦

  1. Click on “Slice Tools” to open the tool's UI
  2. Select two mesh items
  3. In the first mesh item, select one or more polygons (optional)
  4. In the second mesh item, select one or more edges
  5. Set options
  6. Rotate the 3D view, if required. In perspective mode, cutting takes place in the direction of modo's workplane
  7. Click “Slice”

User Interface



Apply the tool. Slice the target polygons.


  • Cutting occurs in the direction of the workplane. If you activate the tool and see no effect, then check the position of the workplane. For example, if the workplace in on the ground the cut will occur directly down from the selected edge and will be unlikely to cut the target geometry.
  • Does not support X-up axis coordinate space.