Slice Tools: Projection Slice


Projection slice facilitates the vertical slicing of geometry along a given facing and to a specific cut depth. This tool uses an edge selection to specify where the cuts are made and a polygon selection to determine the direction of cutting.

Projection slice is especially useful for cutting wall geometry from 2D plans (2D projections) and/or for cutting wall geometry to a specified depth.

How to useā€¦

  1. Switch to Perspective view - orthagonal views are not supported.
  2. Click on “Slice Tools” to open the tool's UI
  3. Select two mesh items
  4. In the first mesh item, which contains the target geometry, select one polygon (cutting direction)
  5. In the second mesh item, select one or more edges
  6. Set maximum cut depth
  7. Click “Projecion Slice”

User Interface



Max. Cut Depth
The maximum depth that polygons will be cut from the front of the selected polygon.
Projection Slice
Apply the tool. Slice the target geometry.


  • Projection slice supports making vertical cuts in geometry. It is superior to using “Constrained Slice” when cutting the walls of a building model since you can control the cut depth and it works independently of the perspective view's orientation.


  • Projection slice only works in perspective view. It does not function if an orthogonal 3D view is selected.
  • Does not support X-up axis coordinate space.