Vector Scale

Tool plug-in | Updated: 10 Oct 2012


Interactively scale one or more mesh layers based on one known length (eg. distance between two points), by a given multiplication factor or using the mesh bounds.

In addition, you can choose to rest the mesh on the ground plane and/or centre the mesh around the world origin. This tool also features built-in drawing of arch-viz style dimensions that provide useful feedback during scaling.

This tool is designed to scale at the component level (vertex/edge/polygon) rather than creating item transforms; It scales all the geometry in a selected layer.

How to useā€¦

  1. Select one or more mesh item layers
  2. Select two vertices or one edge (optional)
  3. Activate the tool
  4. Set the required “Length” or “Scale Factor”

Please note, the video below shows an older version of mARCH's scale tool that lacks many of the new features. Please read the text below for a description of the latest features. An updated video will be available soon.

User Interface



Rest on Ground
Rest the geometry on the ground plane, based on the current world upAxis. For example, under modo's default of Y-up the base of the mesh will sit at zero on the Y axis.
Centre to Origin
Centre the geometry around the world origin. This feature can be use in conjunction with “Rest on Ground” to centre the mesh to the world origin and seat it on the ground plane.
Show Dimensions
Draws arch-viz style dimensions on-screen that scale with the 3D view. The dimensions dim when no scaling is taking place along a given axis (see Axes option below) and disappear when a given axis value is zero. To further aid visual feedback, the colour of a dimension line changes to draw your attention whenever its value falls below 10mm.
Set a combination of axis along which the scaling should take place, the options include: XYZ, XY, YZ, ZX, X, Y and Z. It's a good idea to use "Show Dimensions" when changing this value because the dimension line colours change (dim) to provide visual feedback about the axes that are currently selected for scaling.
Target Length
Specify desired length for the selected edge and the whole mesh will be scaled accordingly. Note: You must select an edge prior to activating this tool if you wish to use this option.
Scale Factor
Scale the mesh by a given multiplication factor. This is especially useful when importing meshes where the geometry might come in at 10x or 100x too large or small. For example. if the mesh is 100x too large you would simply set a value of 0.01 to scale it back to the correct size. Very handy. Setting this value to 1 will remove any scale changes that have occurred since the tool was activated.
By Bounds: Width(X), Height(Y) and Depth(Z)
These values allow you to scale the entire layer along X, Z and Z. They should be considered as a separate option to scaling by length of factor. it's always a good idea to have “Show Dimensions” on when changing these values as it allows you to view the length values/changes in the 3D view.


  • Item Transforms: Scaling to a specific size when item transforms are preset does not make sense (e.g. if item scale is set), not to mention, it can lead to errors in your scene layout if changes are made to the item transforms at a later stage, by you or someone else.