Muntins / Glazing Bars

Python script | Updated: 10-Oct-2012


Generate a grid of glazing bars over a window polygon to give the impression the window is divided in to smaller panes. The bars sit on the surface of the window and use a simple box profile.

You can build glazing bars to multiple window polygons, of the same size, at once.

How to useā€¦

  1. Select one mesh item
  2. Select one or more quad polygons (of the same size)
  3. Set options
  4. Click “Apply”

User Interface



Reset Values
Reset values to their default. Note: Click this reset button before using this tool for the first time.
The depth of the glazing bar determines how far it protrudes from from the surface of the window.
The width or thickness of the bars when looked at from the front. Slimmer bars are more visually appealing, so try using values between 13mm (0.5 inch) and 25mm (1 inch).
Extend the bars beyond the border of the selected polygon/s by this distance. Use this option to ensure the ends of the bars overlap the window frame.
Horizontal Bars
Sets the number of horizontal bars.
Vertical Bars
Set the number of vertical bars.
Group Polygons
Selected polygons are treated as one entity and a single grid is created that covers the area of the selection. Note, all polygons must share the same normal.
Create the glazing bar geometry.


  • You can use this tool to quickly create a simple garden trellis.


  • Only supports rectangular polygons.
  • Selected polygons must be quads i.e. contain only 4 vertices.
  • Does not support X-up axis coordinate space.