Extract Elevations

Python script | Updated: 10-Oct-2012


Extracts selected polylines/polygons to new mesh items. Designed for use with imported arch-viz plans, this tool will also rotate and offset the key elevations (e.g. front, back) to assist with the alignment of such plans prior to the commencement of modelling.

How to useā€¦

  1. Select one mesh item - this should contain all of the plans/elevations
  2. Click on “Extract Elevations” to open the tool's UI
  3. Set the alignment options and offset values, if required
  4. In polygon mode, lasso select the outlines of a given plan view or elevation
  5. Click on the button that corresponds to the selected plan/or elevation to extract it to a new mesh item, e.g. Floor Level 1 or Front
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, as required

User Interface



Centre To Origin
Centre the extracted geometry around the world origin.
Use Scene Name
The scene name will be used as the default name shown in the dialog box when creating custom layers. See “Copy and Name”, below.
Copy and Name
Copies the selected polylines/polygons to a new mesh item and opens a dialog box that allows you to name the item.
Plans: Site Plan, Floor Plan 1..3, Roof Plan
Copies the selected polylines/polygons to a new mesh item, which is named accordingly.
When checked, the geometry will be rotated based upon the elevation selected. For example, if you select polylines that represent the front elevation and then click “Front” the polylines/geometry will be pasted into a new layer and rotated so it faces the front view in modo.
Elevations: Front, Back, Left and Right
Copies the selected polylines/polygons to a new mesh item, which is named accordingly. The mesh in the new layer can be automatically offset from the origin (see Offset, below) and rotated (see Auto-Rotate, above).
Elevations: Front-Back and Left-right Offset
Offsets the polylines/polygons by the given distance from the world origin after they have been placed in a new layer.


Each time after extracting polylines/polygons to a new item the tool keeps the original mesh item layer selected, so that you can rapidly select and extract the various plans and elevations. Once you have completed extraction of the geometry, select the newly created mesh items and set their visibility to on. Then use the included Align Mesh Items tool to fine tune the alignment of your plans/elevations.


  • Does not support X-up axis coordinate space.