Polyline-Edge Checker

Command plug-in | Updated: 08-Dec-2012


Scans through edges in one or more mesh item layers and highlights/selects those that are off-axis or are not aligned with a given set of pre-defined angles.

This new command can be used to check things such as imported architectural plans (2D polylines etc.) for drafting errors. It can also be used with any mesh, e.g. a building model, to find issues with the alignment of walls and window openings etc. to the major axis. Very handy.

A separate “Show Disconnect Ends” feature that uses one of modo's built-in commands to find the ends of edges (polylines) that are not connected to anything due to drawing errors in the original CAD outlines. This is useful for checking imported arch-viz polylines for errors.

How to use the Edge Checker

  1. Select one or more mesh item layers
  2. Click on the Polyline-Edge checker button to open its UI
  3. Select the required options
  4. Click the “Check Edges” button

Please note this video shows an older version of this tool, which used a Python script. The new C++ version is much faster, has a streamlined interface and does not have the limitations of the previous script.

User Interface



Specify the plane that the selected edges should lie within. Any edges that do not lie within the selected plane will be highlighted. This is especially useful when checking all polylines lie in the same plane after importing 2D arch-viz plans.
Multiples of
Edges are checked against multiples of the selected angle and any edges that are not aligned will be highlighted. You may choose between several commonly used angles e.g. from checking multiples of 2.5 degrees to multiples of 15 degrees.
Min. Edge Length
When checking alignment you can exclude shorter edges that should not be tested for alignment, e.g. those that form arcs. Any edges that are shorter than the value given will be excluded and will not be highlighted regardless of their alignment.
Check Edges
Runs the command. Any edges that are not aligned to the selected plane or to mutiples of the selected angle will be highlighted/selected in modo's 3D view.
View: Fit Selected
The 3D viewport will be zoomed to fit the highlighted (unmatched) edges after the script has run.

How to use “Show Disconnected Ends”

  1. Select one or more mesh item layers
  2. Click on the Edge Checker tool button to open the UI
  3. Click “Apply”

User Interface



Ends Found
Shows the number vertices that only belong to a single edge (i.e. edges that have disconnected end).
Highlight vertices that only belong to a single edge.