BBox Move and Level


Creates a bounding box, with handles at each corner, around a polygon selection and allows the polygons to be moved, snapped and set to a given height. The polygon selection can be changed whilst the tool is active as it works with modo's “Select Through” feature.

This tool is especially handy for sitting one mesh/model on top of another - a very common task. For example, placing models of books or vases on a table or shelf or setting a model or small group of models to sit at a given height. You can quickly grab a height value from any polygon and then use that to set the height of subsequent selections.

The mesh bounds are calculated around the raw (cage) polygons rather than the smoothed surface. This means that if you intent to apply subdivision surface smoothing you might need a bit of manual tweaking when sitting one mesh atop another.

“BBox Move and Level” is designed for use where you have several small meshes/models within each mesh item. It currently works at the component level, e.g. polygon, rather than at the Item level.

How to useā€¦

  1. Select one or more mesh items
  2. Select one or more vertices, edges or polygons (optional)
  3. Activate the tool
  4. Click-drag any of the bounding boxes handles to move the geometry and to set the base of the bounding box to given height

User Interface



Lock Height
When selected the height (base of bounding box) of the current polygon selection is locked. For example, if you select a book that's resting on a table top you can move it, using the tool's handles, safe in the knowledge that its height will not change. The base of the bounding box changes to red to indicate that this option is active.
Set Height
The base of the bounding box will be set to the given height. Note: You must drag on one of the bounding box's handles to change its height.
Get Height
Get the height of the top of the bounding box for the current selection. The height obtained will be transferred to the Set Height option.


  • This tool is designed for moving geometry at the component level and is not suitable for moving large meshes - just like modo's native move tool under the same conditions. For large, dense meshes (e.g. trees or cars) it is far better to have each mesh/model within a separate mesh item and to use Item Transforms to set their position.


  • The 501 version only supports polygon selections (at preset): You must select one or more polygons.
  • Item Transforms: Support for item transforms has been disabled as subsequent changes to these values by you or someone else will move the geometry away from the set position, which increases the likelihood of unforeseen errors in the layout of your models within a scene. However, I plan to enable this plug-in to work with Item position offsets in future.
  • Workplane: Tool does not function correctly when the workplane is aligned to geometry. The solution is to reset the workplane (press “End” key) - this can be done whilst the tool is active.