Align Vertices


Align vertices to the first or last selected vertex (point) in a selection, along a single axis or multiple axes.

How to useā€¦

  1. Click on “Align Vertices” to open the tool's UI
  2. Select one mesh item
  3. Select two or more vertices
  4. Set Mode - align to first or last point
  5. Select an axis or axes for multiple axes alignment
  6. Click “Align” for single axis alignment or “Align to Selected Axes” to align to multiple axes

User Interface



Align the selected vertices to the first or last selected vertex (point).
Single Axis Align: Axis
Axis selection for single axis (1D) alignment.
Single Axis Align: Align
Apply a 1D (single axis) alignment to the selected vertices.
Axes Align: X, Y, Z
Selection for axes alignment. Select one or more for 1D, 2D or 3D alignment.
Axes Align: Align to Selected Axes
Apply the alignment. Move the vertices.


  • Selected vertices must be part of a single mesh item layer.