UV Peeler Plus


  • Create and auto-scale UVs for several common elements found in arch-viz projects including gutters, pipes, electrical leads, furniture legs, etc,.


A very easy to use script that takes control of modo's built-in UV Peeler tool and applies a UV ratio to scale the UVs that it generates. This spares you from the task of having to scale the UVs by eye.


  1. Click the UV Peeler Plus button to open the UI.
  2. Select a single mesh item that contains the geometry you wish to UV map.
  3. Select a continuous line of edges that run down the entire length (long axis) of the tube or box shaped extrusion.
  4. Click the Get Path button.
  5. Select a loop of edges that run around the cross-section of the geometry.
  6. Click the Get Cross-Section button.

User Interface



Split, UV Peeler and Merge
These buttons are just shortcuts to modo's built-in tools of the same name.
Automatic Peeling
When checked, the script will run the UV peeler tool for you when you click Get Path, see below.
Automatic Scaling
When checked, the script will automatically apply the calculated UV ratio and scale the UVs when you clcik the Get Cross Section button, see below.
Get Path (+ Auto-Peel)
Gets the total length of the lines of edges that you have selected. If Automatic Peeling is enabled modo's built-in UV Peeler tool will also be applied at this time.
Get Cross-Section (+ Auto-Scale)
Gets the total length of the edges that run around the cross-section of your geometry.


  • The UV checker image map shown in the video above is for demonstration purposes only; UV Peeler Plus does not add a UV checker image for you.
  • This script relies on the built-in UV Peeler tool to orient the UVs in a certain direction after peeling. If the direction of the UVs is not as expected they might be scaled in the wrong direction by the script or the might already be fliped; e.g. from left-to-right. In this case, you might need to flip the UVs or undo and manually apply the scale in correct direction using the ratio value provided in the Scale U(%) field. You may prefer just to use the script to calculate the ration, in which case, read the next point.
  • If you have Automatic Peeling and Automatic Scaling disabled then you'll simply be given the UV ratio between the two sets of selected edges. You can apply this Scale U(%) value manually by selecting modo's scale tool when the UV view is active.