Change log

Here you will information about new features, improvements and bug fixes for each release of mARCH.

You can check which version of mARCH you are running by selecting Help > Kit Version from MODO's main menu.

mARCH for MODO 901;

  • Version: 1.04
  • Release date: 22-JUL-2015
  • Compatibility update for MODO 901.
  • Added: Global setting for Slice Tools that enables lazy selection through setting a minimum edge length. Selected edges below that specified will be ignored; i.e. not used as guides for cutting.
  • Added: New icons for handles and other presets to make selection easier.
  • Added: A popup to warn the user if they have too many edges selected when running the Unconstrained Slice tool, which could cause extremely long script and command processing times.
  • Added: All slice tools now limited to 200 cuts per run to prevent excessive processing times.
  • Fixed: Mesh presets that contain Chrome material updated to use 901's new physically-based shader model.
  • Fixed: Polyline Edge Checker crashing under some conditions; Tool re-enabled in UI
  • Fixed: Item visibility for the Handle 05 mesh preset.
  • Fixed: Instanced light properties did not update when the original light was edited.
  • Fixed: Panes were not always connected in Sash Windows; e.g. when window width was greater than 2m.

mARCH for MODO 901;

  • Version: 1.03
  • Release date: 27-MAY-2015
  • Compatibility update for MODO 901.
  • See the 'Readme' document, included in the kit, for details about known issues.

mARCH for MODO 801; Requires 801 SP1+

  • Version: 1.03
  • Release date: 13-JUN-2014
  • Added: Align Vertices A-B tool now supports working across multiple mesh items, with mixed transforms, at once.
  • Added: Default values at startup for many of the older scripts.
  • Updated: All plugins compiled against the 801 SDK to ensure best compatibility.
  • Updated: All scripts to be compatible with the version of python included with MODO 801.
  • Fixed: Align vertices tool crashing under certain conditions when more than mesh item was selected.
  • Fixed: Sweeper tool disabled when both mesh items only contain a single polygon.
  • Fixed: Sweeper tool 'Auto-Size' option always resetting to 'off' when the tool was turned on.
  • Fixed: Sweeper tool's 'Size A' and 'Size B' set to 0 when 'Auto-Size' was off on first use.

mARCH for MODO 701

  • Version: 1.02
  • Release date: 21-DEC-2013
  • Added: 'Select by Normal' command (C++ plugin) along with a power-user version that enables artists to refine selections by matching size, connected, material/part name, etc,.
  • Added: 'Group' option to Vector Scale tool that enables all items to be treated as if they were a single mesh item.
  • Added: Option to flip profiles about A and B axes to the Sweeper tool.
  • Added: Eighty (80) sawn timber preset sizes to the Sweeper tool.
  • Added: Auto-size option to the Sweeper tool. Use this option to disable auto-scaling.
  • Added: Parabolic, elliptical, ogee (equilateral, semi, semi-reversed) to the Arch Tool.
  • Added: Warning message to the Arch Primitive tool that informs user that a given arch type does not support 'Polygon Strip' mode.
  • Added: Option to set light intensity to the 'Add Light At Poly Pos' command pop-up.
  • Added: Auto-Jump option to the Component Align tool.
  • Impvd: Code that creates end cap UVs for the Sweeper tool; now faster and more compact.
  • Impvd: Legacy maths library has been removed. All plug-ins now switched over to new library
  • Fixed: Some move handles configurations for the Sweeper tool were drawn inwards towards the bbox.
  • Fixed: Item Translation was not correctly applied to the position of the geometry created by Sweeper tool.
  • Fixed: Smart Bridge not working with connected polygons at the base of walls.
  • Fixed: Arch tool handles show-up in the UV view.
  • Version: 1.01
  • Release date: 02-JUL-2013
  • FIXED: Potential crash during alignment of the Sweeper tool when the mesh item containing the polygon profile was selected first.
  • Version: 1.00
  • Release date: 01-JUL-2013
  • Initial release.