Align Vertices A-B


  • Moving the end of a wall to a target position.
  • Moving the end of a piece of steelwork or trim to a target position.


Align a selection of vertices to the last selected vertex, along one or more axes with a given amount of offset. Align Vertices A-B also supports multiple mesh item/layer selections.

This tool is designed for modo's fast Select Through workflow; You can change your vertex selection on the fly and align different pieces of geometry whilst this tool remains active.

The new 801 version of this tool enables alignment of vertices across multiple mesh items.

Workflow for MODO 801

  1. Select one or more mesh items.
  2. Select two or more vertices.
  3. Click on Align Vertices A-B to activate the tool.
  4. Use the colour axis handles to quickly set the axes that you wish to align to.
  5. Click the large handle at the target position to jump the mesh item to that position. You can toggle this handle at anytime to jump the vertices between their original position and the target position.
  6. Optional: Once the tool is active you can change your vertex selection - two or more vertices - and repeat steps 4 and 5.

User Interface



Align X, Align Y and Align Z
These checkboxes are used to determine which axis positions are matched.
Offset X, Offset Y and Offset Z
Offset the mesh from the destination position by the given distance along the desired axis.
Target to Origin
Sets the destination or target point as the origin. This allows you to move the mesh around a selected point to the origin.
Move As Group
When enabled, the relative distances between the selected vertices are maintained when they are moved. When this option is disabled, each individual vertex will be moved to the target position.
Auto Snap Mode
When checked the vertices will jump immediately to the target point. You can use this option to quickly jump individual points to a given target. (Added: v1 r02)
Show Distances
Show the distance between the source and target points in the 3D view, as well as, the offset distance.

Workflow for MODO 701

The workflow is almost the same as with 801 except only a single mesh item may be selected at step 1,prior to activating the tool. Please note, that there's a bug in the older 1.02 update for 701 that might crash MODO 701 if you attempt to use his tool with more that one mesh item layer is selected.


  • The nearest vertex to the last selected vertex is chosen as the source point/position. Currently, you cannot alter the point used as the source position without changing the selection.
  • This tool is set up to use Select Through by default. If you turn this option off in the tool pipe, then you will not be able to take advantage of being able to change the vertex selection whilst the tool is active.