Add Light At Poly Pos


  • Adding lights to scenes imported from CAD software where polygons have been used to represent the position of light fixtures.
  • Adding lights or portals outside of your windows.


Adds a light at the position of- and orientated to- each selected polygon. With Area and Portals lights the command also attempts to match the size of each selected polygon.


  1. Select one or more polygons.
  2. Click 'Add Light at Poly Pos'
  3. Set your options in the pop-up and click OK.

User Interface



Light Type
The type of light (e.g. Area, Photometric, Spot, etc.) that you wish to add to your scene.
After the lights are added you can choose to automatically select the lights, light materials or both. This allows you to quickly adjust all the attributes for a set of lights.
Use this field to set the light intensity. (Added: v1 r02)
Set the colour channels for the light or lights.
Offset the position of the light from the position of the polygon, along the direction of the polygon normal.
Group Lights
Parent lights to a new group locator.
Group Name
Assign a name to the group locator, see above. If no name is specified then the group name is taken from the light type name. This attribute only applies when the Group Lights option is selected.
Use Instances
When more than one polygon is selected, the first light will be added as usual, but all subsequent lights will be created as instances of the first light.
Flip Facing
Usually the light will be orientated in the direction of the polygon normal. However, when flip facing is selected the light will face in the opposite direction and towards the polygon's normal/surface.


  • Co-located polygons, with matching position and normals, are taken into account so that only one light is built at each selected location. However, if two selected polygons are in the same position, but with opposite normals, then two lights will be created.
  • The orientation of each polygon is determined from its normal and other information. However, as it is possible to spin around a normal/vector whilst maintaining the same facing it is not possible to calculate the ideal orientation under every condition. This primarily affects the size calculation for Area and Portals types when the selected polygons have unusual orientations.