Welcome to the mARCH user guide

Here you can find the latest, up-to-date information about how to use the tools, as well as, other helpful tips such as how to submit feature requests.

You can get to these pages via MODO by pressing F1 and then clicking on mARCH's user interface.

Get the latest version

To get the most out of mARCH ensure that you're using the latest version. You can download it from your Foundry Community account »

New: Version 1.04 was released for MODO 901 on 22nd July 2015.

mARCH-901 (Windows version)

The windows version of mARCH-901 requires Microsoft software components that might not be installed on your PC. If you find tools such as the Sweeper are not working, then please download and install the Visual C++ Redistributable Package from Microsoft's website »

Read all about it

« Click on the links in the sidebar to dive in and read about how to use each tool. You will also find a good number of videos that will help you to get up-and-running in no time.


Image by Jeff Coppard, JC3D.

About mARCH

mARCH evolved out my love for architecture, working in MODO and my desire to improve workflow. My focus is now on creating interactive C++ plug-in tools and commands that provide greater functionality and a much better workflow than was possible in the past with scripting; e.g. the new Sweeper tool

mARCH Kit Discontinued

The mARCH kit is no longer being actively developed and is no longer available for purchase. Why? About half of mARCH was based upon very old, slow python code, which became increasily hard to maintain and impossible to extend. You get to a point where you need revolution in your codebase rather than evolution and it's the right time to move on to something new, something better.

I will continue to provide support and bug fixes for the 901 version, which is free to users of mARCH-701 and mARCH-801. In addition, I hope to provide a compatibility update for 1001; i.e. the next major version of MODO. However, this will only be possible if no major code changes are required.

I should mention that I'm neither leaving MODO nor 3D tool development. Quite the opposite. I am busy working full-time on a new modern C++11/14 library that will enable me to produce better, more flexible, 3D tools in future.

Thanks for your support and feedback during the lifetime of mARCH. I hope you will continue to find the kit useful in your day-to-day work.

Regards, -Neil